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Rumbleverse Suffers Delay After Positive Game Awards Reveal

After a successful reveal at The Game Awards 2021, Rumbleverse was supposed to go into early access on Tuesday, February 8 and release in full a week later on Tuesday, February 15.

Next to a statement posted on their website, This is no longer the case. Rumbleverse has been indefinitely delayed. They provided an update on the state of the game after the beta and it looks like they didn’t take this decision lightly and hope it works out for the best in the long run.

Rumbleverse has been delayed indefinitely

Despite performing positively at The Game Awards and the ensuing First Look gaming session, Rumbleverse has suffered an indefinite delay. Fortunately, the developers behind the game, Iron Galaxy, were very transparent with the announcement.

Today we are announcing that we have decided not to launch Rumbleverse on February 15th.

Having Grapital City filled with Rumblers taught us a lot. We’re excited about the game we’re making – and we’re glad you are, too – but we want to do more to perfect the experience. More than a game, Rumbleverse will be a community we want to support for a long time. We’re going to take the time to make sure we can get it right.

It promises to see that anyone who commits financially to the game can receive a refund and choose whether they want to reinvest when a new release date is announced.

We didn’t get a chance to take a look at Rumblerverse during its First Look play session, but early feedback on the game seemed positive. That being said, players have had a lot of feedback for the devs and they seem to be taking that into consideration rather than forcing it out.

This is likely another ripple effect of Cyberpunk 2077’s disaster, even though that title will be free-to-play at launch.